My name is Shane Randolph, I am a Senior Software Engineer working at ValueCentric, LLC in Orchard Park, NY. I have been with the company since June, 2008 after graduating from St. Bonaventure University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Through my work at ValueCentric, I have garnered a wealth of knowledge from the projects I have worked on. I have honed my skills with query performance initiatives and through projects requiring reverse engineering and rapid prototyping of solutions. These projects necessitated a level of business knowledge and project ownership that can be seen throughout my work.

I have a passion for programming. Whether it is for a company or for personal projects, I take pride in what I do. I like to understand every project from start to finish. This allows me to identify the possible pitfalls within a process or perhaps address a misunderstanding of functionality for a given user interface. Sometimes projects require learning a new language or way to make different platforms interact with each other. Typically, I find that I can pick up new programming languages fairly quickly and can provide the necessary functionality in a timely manner.

My role at ValueCentric not only includes programming but I also lead our Lunch 'n Learn program, which is a training platform where the development department discusses a topic over lunch. The responsibilities of this role include working with the development managers to identify the needs of the department, setting the seminars up through our QMS process, and hosting the events. I am also a key contributor to sub-groups within the organization dealing with Application Response Time and SQL Performance.

As far as myself as a person. I enjoy hockey (playing and watching), running and cycling. I like watching movies and, even though it sounds cliche, I really enjoy coding. That is partly why I am making this page. I try to be active within the community, raising money for Roswell Park Cancer Institute, through the Ride for Roswell.